4 - Point Inspections

We evaluate the four key areas of your home to ensure everything is working properly: HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and roof.

What's a 4-Point Inspection?

An assessment of the four major systems of the home – HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and roof. A 4-point inspection if often required by home insurance companies to provide a snapshot of a property’s condition. 4-point inspections take less time and cost less than a full home inspection.

What's Included With a Frontline 4-Point Inspection?

You can count on us to provide inspection expertise and elite customer service. During a 4-point inspection, we will assess and provide detailed reporting on the following items.


Type, age, condition, and life expectancy of the condenser, air handler, heat pump, and the associated ducting


The overall condition of the system, panel type, amperage, age, type of supply wiring, branch circuitry, and any hazards present at the time of inspection 


Materials used and general condition of the plumbing system to include potable water supply, waste/drainage system, fixtures, connectors, and equipment tied to the functional system; including the water heater


Age, current condition, and life expectancy of the structure, coverings, flashings, skylights, vent/stacks, and gutter system, if installed

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