New Construction Inspections

We’re here by your side to ensure your home is being properly built and to protect your large investment.

What's a New Construction Inspection?

Observation and evaluation of the construction of a new home before, during, and/or after the build schedule.

New Construction Inspection Offerings

Pre-Pour Slab, Trades, Pre-Drywall, Final Walkthrough

What's Included With a Frontline New Construction Inspection?

You can count on us to provide inspection expertise and elite customer service. During a new construction inspection, we will assess and provide detailed reporting on the following items.

Pre-Pour Slab / Foundation

Crawlspace, slab on grade, post-tension; location, elevation, and dimensions verified to current version of plans, formwork and bracing, horizontal alignment, water presence in footers or on vapor barrier, foundation depth in field per plans +/- ½” (no over digs, no shallows), footer depth and width per plan, vapor barrier extends to form boards and penetrations sealed, rebar and wire mesh diameter and number per specifications, wire ties, metal spacing, corner bars, electrical and plumbing risers match plans – locations verified, backfill and underpinning installation, where needed, penetration material protection, survey photos

Grading / Site Excavation

Structure location, orientation, verify stakes to plan, grading and swale verified to plan, grading pitch (6” in 10’), excess fill removed, additional fill needed, street entrance clearance, drainage

Complete Rough Framing

Verify location of walls and trusses, roof to wall attachment, roof deck attachment, roof deck fasteners (H-clips nails, etc.), no frozen trusses, identify proper securing methods, moisture barriers, framing moisture, sealed penetrations, full bearing, header shims, nailing schedules, boring and notching studs and plates, fire blocking/draft stopping, top plates, damaged trusses, boring and notching beams, hardware (hangers, jack plates, etc.), stairs, proper landing installation, stairway headroom clearance, stair nosing, riser size, tread dimension

Rough Plumbing

Backwater valves, concrete penetration protection (sleeves, seals, etc.), wet venting, vent pipe inverts, vents downstream of traps, pipe trenches, water line material and installation technique, ferrous metal wraps, supply line pressure, sewer and domestic cleanout, drains properly sized, double fittings (where required), wye branches have equal sweep, tub waste openings, sanitary tees, nail plates (where required), hangar and strap installation, plastic line support (where required), traps and vents present and properly sealed, trap arm lengths, island sink venting, air-admittance valves, wet vents, water service, water lines, laundry standpipe, trap weir, water hammer arrestors properly installed, rigid support for faucet and shower fittings, shower and shower pan size, water closet location, flange secured with corrosion resistant fasteners, slip joint accessibility (if present), over rim tub faucet installation, shower dams (as required), shower slope, shower discharge direction, vacuum breakers

Rough Electrical

Main service panel, distribution panel, breakers, connections, nail plate protection (where required), cable support requirements, cable staples, stud location, location and spacing of receptacles, location of lighting outlets, switches as required, device/outlet boxes, device/outlet cable clamps, missing knockouts or clamps, outlet boxes for lights and ceiling fans, box supports, recessed luminaire clearances, metal box grounds, proper splicing for equipment grounds, equipment grounds for switches, conductor length, switch legs identified, cable/sheath condition, conductor grounds at switch point, smoke alarm outlets, smoke alarm interconnected, closet luminaire clearance, proper location of GFCI outlets, approved locations of luminaires, proper rating for branch circuitry (per location), small appliance circuits, garage receptacle requirements, unfinished space cables and junctions, alarm wiring, low voltage (where required), panel raceways, egress lighting with adjacent switch, proper closet luminaires

Rough HVAC

Identification of mechanical system used, evaluate fuel-burning appliances for location- venting, opening, combustible air, combustible clearances, passageway clearances, working spaces, receptacle locations at or near appliances, switch-controlled lighting, underfloor suspensions, attic installation clearances, equipment evacuations, equipment elevation (as required), duct penetration location and separations, bollard or wheel stops (as required), condensate drains, drain pipe size, slope, location, and discharge, backflow assembly (if required), duct clearances and encasements, duct crimped joints properly lapped and fastened, joints, seams, and fittings properly sealed, flex ducts properly supported per manufacturers specifications, metal duct supports (if present), ducting displacement (if any), return air location and supply source, combustion air displacement and source, vent terminations, power exhaust terminals, chimney/vent connectors, venting attic pass-throughs, appliance venting and ducting


Type and R-value, baffles, draft stopping, light fixture insulation clearance, infiltration barrier, walls, rim and band air barrier, sloped ceilings, insulation is split around wires, conduit, and plumbing, windows foamed in, exterior penetrations sealed, baseplates are caulked, HVAC seams sealed (that will be covered with drywall), air barriers installed behind tubs and mechanical chases


Type of sheetrock, installation technique, fastener spacing, fastener length, receptacle setbacks, receptacle side gaps, joint staggers, ceiling installation, fire-rated assemblies (where required), shower and water closet materials and fasteners, silicone/caulk application (where required), vapor barrier/retarder in areas where direct exposure is imminent, proper tape and float techniques, final finish as readied for paint

Interior Finishes

Interior fixtures, hard surfaces, finished mechanical trims, room-specific finishes

Exterior Finishes

Exterior structure finishes, site finishes, driveways, walkways, vegetation, landscaping, final walk-through

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