Wind Mitigations

We analyze your home’s wind-resistant features such as the roof, doors, and windows to help you save on home insurance.

What's a Wind Mitigation?

An assessment of the property’s wind-resistant features to highlight the safety and sturdiness of your home in the event of a wind storm or hurricane.

What's Included With a Frontline Wind Mitigation?

You can count on us to provide inspection expertise and elite customer service. During a wind mitigation inspection, we will assess and provide detailed reporting on the following items to help you save on home insurance.

Opening Protection

The level of wind-resistant features present in the structure of your home. The features may have been built-in when the home was constructed, or added later as a way to upgrade and add protection. These items can include windows, doors, garage doors, glass block, and skylights.

Roof To Wall Attachment

Identification of the method by which the roof is attached to the walls to prevent uplift during wind load. We identify the weakest form of attachment in a home in order to determine the strength and resistance of the fasteners and the subsequent bracketing.

Roof Deck Attachment

Determination of how securely the roof is attached. We measure and evaluate the fasteners that connect the roof deck to the trusses or rafters to assess durability.

Roof Covering

The top covering of a building, including all materials and constructions necessary to provide protection against rain, snow, sunlight, temperature, and wind. This could be shingles, tiles, rubber, metal, etc.

Secondary Water Barrier

A backup system used to prevent water intrusion through the joints in the roof decking into the home in the event of the primary roof covering being blown off during a windstorm.

Building Standards At The Time of Installation

We ensure that the materials and techniques utilized during the construction of your home meet or exceed the Florida Building Standards.

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